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Local Benefits

Heathrow is committed to becoming a better neighbour to the communities living closest to the airport, today and in the future.

Expansion provides a unique opportunity to build a long-term and sustainable legacy for our neighbours by investing millions of pounds to improve the local environment, generating thousands of new jobs and apprenticeships and helping to drive improvements to public transport and the road networks. Expansion will deliver:

  • 40,000 job opportunities for the local community.
  • 5,000 additional apprenticeships, bringing the total to 10,000.
  • A legacy of skilled, local experts for future infrastructure projects.
  • New trade and export opportunities for local businesses.


Heathrow is already one of the biggest single site employers in the entire country with 76,500 people directly employed at the airport.

Up to 40,000 jobs in the local area are expected to be created with expansion and it will double the number of apprenticeships at Heathrow, to a total of 10,000.

Together, these opportunities will have the potential to provide every unemployed young person in our five local boroughs with an apprenticeship, training or a job.

A lasting skills legacy

Heathrow expansion is a unique opportunity to equip Britain with a legacy of skills for generations to come. Working together with other infrastructure projects, Heathrow has an important role to play to develop the talent needed today, and arm a generation with the skills it needs for future projects.

In January 2017 we set up an independent Skills Taskforce under the leadership of Lord Blunkett, to provide recommendations on delivering a clear skills strategy to build and operate an expanded Heathrow. Its recommendations will help maximise the employment benefits of expansion, ensure opportunities for young people to fulfil their potential, and help Heathrow to become a role model for social mobility and diversity.

The Independent Heathrow Skills Taskforce published a series of recommendations in September 2018 that could help the UK capitalise on the tens of thousands of new jobs, apprenticeships and career development opportunities which will be created by the airport’s expansion. In January 2019, we [responded to these recommendations] (LINK TO RESPONSE) and detailed the action we are taking today to ensure Heathrow can meet its ambitious targets. Our response includes commitments such as:

  • Offering 10,000 quality ‘experience of work’ days across the airport over the lifetime of the expansion programme.
  • Developing a World of Work programme, our youth employment movement aimed at inspiring careers at Heathrow and beyond.
  • Publishing a plan for how Heathrow will double the number of apprenticeships to 10,000 across the airport and supply chain.
  • Establish a Skills Partnership with local colleges and universities.
  • Continue to phase out zero-hours contracts across the airport.
  • Enabling colleagues to use their talent and skills for the benefit of the local community through volunteering.

For more information on Heathrow’s education and skills commitments, please contact [email protected]

Heathrow Employment & Skills Academy

Heathrow set up the Heathrow Employment & Skills Academy in 2004 to support in delivering its promise of new jobs and apprenticeships. We bring together Heathrow, our business partners, local employers and a range of service providers.

The Academy provides a range of bespoke services to help employers attract, retain and develop their colleagues. The Academy is not just about securing new jobs and apprenticeships, but life-long careers for local residents. Our training and mentoring schemes aim to inspire employees at all levels to deliver the best possible customer service, and to learn and grow from this.

We offer careers to suit everyone, from retail and hospitality to construction and aviation. More information about the Academy can be found here.