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Managing Impacts

Expansion will bring huge opportunities and improvements to the local area, but also unwelcome impacts for those affected by noise and other environmental factors and most particularly for those who will have to relocate their home or business to make way for an enlarged airport.

Following the Government’s announcement in October 2016 that Heathrow’s north-west runway scheme is the preferred option to provide increased airport capacity, we have been assessing the design options for developing a scheme which meets the government’s requirements for an expanded airport, whilst responding to the needs of local communities and mitigating environmental impacts.

We are still working through this process, therefore there is not yet a fixed master plan for the expansion of Heathrow.  As a result, it is not yet possible to map out the exact locations where expansion will impact on local communities, beyond the areas proposed for compulsory and voluntary purchase or those in the immediate vicinity of the expanded airport that are likely to be impacted by increased aircraft noise. We will update these pages regularly as we develop and refine our plans.

We have been clear that the expansion of Heathrow should not be at any cost, which is why our plans involve significant proposals to manage airport impact.

We are committed to being a good neighbour and investing in the local area. We know that access to common green space, good quality jobs and local infrastructure is important to our communities and have set out a number of commitments for investment in these areas (see Local Benefits for more information).