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Noise Insulation Scheme

We have set out plans for a new £700m noise insulation scheme to compensate residents most impacted by aircraft noise, which would include over 160,000 homes.

The scheme proposes two designated zones: an outer and an inner zone based on an accepted noise contour used by the European Union and the Mayor of London.

Under the scheme, homes in the designated zone closest to the airport with higher levels of noise (the inner zone) stand to have the full costs of their noise insulation covered by the airport. In addition, up to £3,000 in noise insulation would be offered to homes further away from the airport (the outer zone).

Residents within the zones would be eligible for insulation regardless of whether they experience noise under existing flight paths or would be newly affected by noise from the third runway.

A third-party assessment, free of cost to homeowners, would be made to determine the extent of each home’s needs within the designated zones. Our insulation package could include:

  • Acoustic double glazing in windows;
  • Ceiling over boarding in bedrooms; and
  • Loft insulation and ventilation.

The final boundary of the noise insulation scheme will be dependent on the design of flight paths around the expanded airport. However, all homes within the towns and villages of Wraysbury, Datchet, Sipson, Harmondsworth, Harlington, Colnbrook, Brands Hill and Stanwell Moor would be covered by the scheme.

We would start insulating properties at least one year before operations on the new runway begin. This may be brought forward if we are granted consent to release additional air traffic movements before a third runway opens.

As with our property compensation schemes, the noise insulation scheme will be consulted on as part of our application for development consent.

For information on existing noise mitigation and insulation schemes, please visit Heathrow.com/noise.