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40 Airports across the UK: “Heathrow expansion is the right choice” for us

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The leaders of 40 UK airports have today had a letter published in The Sun outlining why they’re supporting Heathrow expansion.

In the letter, the benefits of a hub airport and Heathrow’s domestic passenger discount are listed as the key reasons for their support. An excerpt is below.

Excerpt from the letter:

“As operators of airports, we understand aviation economics and we understand that Heathrow expansion is the right choice for our strategic growth. Hub airports are proven to be the most efficient vehicle for capacity growth, and growth more broadly in the aviation sector. It is reckless and dangerous to scaremonger MPs around the UK, as it almost certainly means that communities outside of London, will lose out and get left behind in the global race. It is not for London politicians to speak on our behalf.

We believe every corner of our country stands to benefit from the growth and trade that will stem from links to an expanded UK Hub airport.  Expansion at Heathrow will provide much-needed, long-haul connectivity to our passengers and will double the cargo capacity for the benefit of UK exporters. Heathrow has already shown its commitment to domestic connectivity by reducing its domestic passenger charges by £15 per passenger since January 2017, investing in a £10m fund to kick-start domestic routes and ring-fencing new slots for domestic use.

All of us, in every region and nation of the UK, will benefit from a bigger Hub airport.”

  • Brian Ambrose, Chief Executive, Belfast City Airport
  • Carol Benzie, Managing Director, Aberdeen Airport
  • Derrick Lang, Airport Manager, Dundee Airport
  • David Laws, Chief Executive, Leeds Bradford Airport
  • Ingles Lyon, Managing Director, Inverness Airport
  • Neil Pakey, Chief Executive, RABA – The Regional and Business Airports Group*
  • Derek Provan, Managing Director, Glasgow Airport
  • Al Titterington, Managing Director, Cornwall Airport Newquay

*NOTE: RABA represents 39 different airports.

How can you make your voice heard?

MPs are set to vote on Heathrow expansion next Monday (25 June). Your voice can make a difference – let your MP know you support Heathrow expansion today, in just 2 minutes, using our online tool.