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New Destinations

With expansion, there is the potential for new direct destinations to be accessible via Heathrow, and a greater choice of airlines, creating competition and choice, and making flying more accessible to people in every nation and region of the UK. Only six airports in the world have regular flights to over 50 long-haul destinations – Heathrow has 82.

This shows how unique and valuable Heathrow is as the UK’s hub.

In total, Heathrow leisure and business passengers can access 81 different airlines and airline alliances to 180 destinations in 85 countries.

Approximately 75% of all UK long-haul flights are from Heathrow. Many long-haul routes at other London airports have struggled to become sustainable.

New connecting flights between UK airports

Heathrow already links eight UK cities to the world – Aberdeen, Belfast City, Edinburgh, Glasgow, Inverness, Leeds, Newcastle and Manchester. An expanded Heathrow could enable flights to new domestic destinations such as Liverpool and Newquay.

Both Flybe and Easyjet have published indicative route maps, showing which UK routes they would look to operate from an expanded Heathrow. Not only have Easyjet and Flybe indicated that the number of UK connections would significantly increase, they will also provide competition on existing routes – increasing passenger choice and lowering fare

Since the Government’s decision to back Heathrow expansion, we have been getting on with delivering more viable and sustainable air links for all of Britain. In January 2017, we announced a £10 passenger discount on domestic flights, to provide more affordable connections to passengers and businesses across Britain.

We’re now going further, and increasing the domestic passenger discount to £15 to support our domestic services. This will take effect in January 2018.