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Heathrow 2.0

Our sustainability leadership plan for the airport

We believe that a third runway should only go ahead within strict environmental limits, which is why developing Heathrow sustainably is a key objective for us.

Feedback from our extensive consultations with stakeholders and communities has seen our plans designed around avoiding impacts on the communities and the natural environment.

Heathrow’s new plans show that expansion is not a choice between the environment and the economy as expansion at the airport will deliver for both.

VIDEO | Heathrow 2.0 - Our sustainability leadership strategy

Our Heathrow 2.0 strategy is a landmark in our company’s history. It sets a bold direction towards a future of sustainable aviation. It’s a journey that Heathrow is well-placed to lead and comes at a time when many in our industry are seeking solutions.

And the future is exciting. As our global population grows, and more and more people are lifted out of poverty, demand for flights is also growing rapidly. About 4 billion people can currently afford to fly; in a generation’s time that will have risen to at least 7 billion.

Heathrow’s plan is to expand to meet demand in a way that creates a positive impact on our community, environment, and economy.


Our expansion plans include proposals for investment in the creation of new and enhanced areas that are four times the size of Hyde Park in total.