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A New Approach

Since 2010, we’ve learned from our previous expansion proposals and have developed our plans with a new approach – one that delivers greater benefits with fewer impacts.

As a result, our plans will generate more jobs, greater capacity for freight exports and link every region of the UK to growth, while seeing fewer people affected by noise, fewer residential properties demolished, and more green spaces for wildlife and the local community to use – compared to our 2009 proposal.

Expansion enables us to deliver thousands of new local jobs, 10,000 new apprenticeships and training opportunities for the next generation. Local business SMEs will be able to grow and reach more international customers across the globe.

Our new approach means that we will only expand in a way that is fair to local people and sustainable for the longer term. Simply put, we will not expand at any cost and we will hold ourselves to account on our commitments to be a better neighbour.

Heathrow 2.0 – Our sustainability leadership strategy

We are clear that we must continue to make the airport and its operations cleaner and even more sustainable into the future.

That is why we recently launched Heathrow 2.0 – our plan for sustainable growth for expansion and beyond. It sets out our environmental and community goals, as well as the strategies we are putting in place to achieve them.

As part of this, we will be a better neighbour by delivering against our commitments to meet or exceed the world leading package of mitigation measures recommended by the Airports Commission.

This includes extending the current five-hour night flight ban to six and a half hours and delivering a substantial increase in our noise insulation scheme. Mitigating local air quality impacts is also key. Road vehicles are the principal contributors to poor air quality so reducing journeys by road to the airport is critical.

Heathrow 2.0 supports the mode share targets set out in the NPS and they will be at the heart of our Surface Access plan. Being a better neighbour also means listening, being fair and making sure that local people and businesses have their say and share in the economic benefits.