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Air Quality

Air quality and expansion

We would only expand Heathrow in accordance with strict air quality rules and have made a commitment that the third runway will not lead to any more airport-related road traffic compared to today’s levels 

Across the airport we are working hard to reduce harmful emissions by improving efficiency and minimising fuel use, employing the latest technologiesand using our size and scale to encourage others to act.  

Heathrow has a good track record when it comes to improving our effect on air quality – in fact, we cut ground-based emissions by 16% over 5 years.

Over the last 20 years, Heathrow’s passenger numbers have risen by almost 80 per cent yet airport related road traffic has remained broadly unchanged. 

Watch this video on Air Quality and airport related emissions

Looking to the future 

With an expanded Heathrow, air quality would be expected to improve with time because of the introduction of cleaner road vehicles and increasingly modern aircraft which meet tighter emission standards.  

Heathrow PODS- Since 2011

The Heathrow Pods have been operating at the airport since 2011, offering passengers a free autonomous ride from their parking location to Terminal 5. 560,000 bus journeys have been removed since the PODS started 8 years ago representing a saving of 800 tonnes of CO2 in emissions.