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We know that having access to natural environment areas, parks and green spaces, is important to local communities, so our expansion plans include proposals for investment in the creation of new and enhanced areas.

While many factors affect quality of life, we have learned that one of the most important for local people is being able to influence decisions made in your community.

That’s why we’ll be working collaboratively with local people and partners to enhance the environment around Heathrow for the benefit of everyone who lives there.


We propose to work with Environmental stakeholders to improve the quality of the habitat for watercourses to the east of the airport and increase their public amenity value.

These green areas and new developments will also support the already strong biodiversity in the area. In 2016, it was discovered that there are 2,836 different species of plants and creatures which can be found across the 170 hectares of local biodiversity sites managed by the airport.

Any redevelopment plans would of course be subject to public consultation as part of a rigorous planning process so local residents would be able to have a further say on these plans too.