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Our Approach to Equality

Updated: 2nd May 2019

Heathrow is working to understand the effects of the proposals for expansion at Heathrow on the people living around, working at, and using the Airport. As part of this work, Heathrow is undertaking an Equality Impact Assessment (EqIA) of the proposed expansion to consider how particular individuals, groups and communities could be affected, and determine what actions could be taken to improve outcomes for them.

An ‘EqIA: Engagement on scope and progress’ document has been produced to help set out and gather community input on how the assessment of effects is being progressed. The EqIA process provides an important opportunity for Heathrow to engage with the diverse communities of people who may be affected by the project and we welcome views on this important part of our work.

We are keen to hear from local groups (such as disability and access groups, religious communities, and parents and carers groups), community services/facilities (such as schools, community centres, and care facilities), and national organisations, as well as statutory organisations such as local authorities.


Equality Impact Assessment: Engagement on Scope and Progress

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Community Stakeholder Events – Held April 2019

Heathrow Expansion Equality Impact Assessment (EqIA) Engagement

Following the launch of the Equality Impact Assessment: Engagement on Scope and Progress report. We held a series of Community Stakeholder Events in April. The events were targeted and aimed at representatives from national and local bodies, local community groups and charities, schools, clubs and community facilities and other organisations. This was an opportunity to talk to us about how we best engage with specific groups of people impacted by our proposals. This engagement has enabled us to speak to a wide range of people from different backgrounds to understand the approach we should take to carry out the Equality assessment to identify and address the impacts of the project.

As part of the Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) for the Heathrow Expansion Programme, we need to identify potential effects and set out measures that could be put in place to avoid, reduce or mitigate and manage effects. To show some of these details we shared some high-level information on specific topics including: Air Quality, Community, Historic Environment, Health, Landscape and Visual Amenity, Noise, Socio-Economics & Employment.

Please click the following links to view the information we shared at the events:

Please note further details about these topics are available at our Airport Expansion Consultation which launched in June 2019.

If you have any queries or contributions to make about the Equality Impact Assessment: Engagement on Scope and Progress report, please contact us by email (see below).

0800 307 7996

[email protected]

Heathrow Community Relations
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