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Our Approach to Equality

Updated: 2nd April 2019

Heathrow is working to understand the effects of the proposals for expansion at Heathrow on the people living around, working at, and using the Airport. As part of this work, Heathrow is undertaking an Equality Impact Assessment (EqIA) of the proposed expansion to consider how particular individuals, groups and communities could be affected, and determine what actions could be taken to improve outcomes for them.


An ‘EqIA: Engagement on scope and progress’ document has been produced to help set out and gather community input on how the assessment of effects is being progressed. The EqIA process provides an important opportunity for Heathrow to engage with the diverse communities of people who may be affected by the project and we welcome views on this important part of our work.


We are keen to hear from local groups (such as disability and access groups, religious communities, and parents and carers groups), community services/facilities (such as schools, community centres, and care facilities), and national organisations, as well as statutory organisations such as local authorities. Please send us your views on our proposed approach set out in the document to help shape the next stages of this work.


Have your say

Send us your comments by Tuesday 7th May 2019 via email equalities@heathrowexpansion.com or send your comments to:

Community Engagement Team,
Heathrow Airport,
The Compass Centre,
Nelson Road,


Equality Impact Assessment: Engagement on Scope and Progress

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