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The Expansion Plan

Heathrow’s runways are full. We have been operating at 98% capacity for over a decade. This has meant airlines have not been able to grow at Heathrow, choosing instead to fly to other European airports like Paris and Frankfurt. Research shows that direct air connectivity between two countries helps to facilitate greater trade.

Because Heathrow’s runways are full, Britain has not been able to add as many new routes to growing economies in Asia and the Americas. Meanwhile, countries like Germany and France – who have expanded their hub airports – have added those connections and today export more goods and attract more tourists from growing markets like China.

That has meant Britain losing out to our European competitors in the global race for foreign investment, jobs and trade. If Britain wants to secure its economic future and its status as an international aviation hub, it must expand its hub airport at Heathrow.

What an expanded Heathrow could look like

While designs for the runway and infrastructure are still being developed, take a look at what an expanded Heathrow could look like with our “It’s time for Heathrow” video.

A new runway at Heathrow is really fantastic news, especially as the country has waited nearly 50 years for this decision. It will create the links that will drive jobs and unlock growth across the UK, allowing even more of our innovative, ambitious firms, from Bristol to Belfast, to take off and break into new markets.

Paul Dreschler, CBI President