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The Expansion Plan

Heathrow is the UK’s largest airport and one of the biggest in the world. With over 80 airlines operating at the airport, serving domestic and global destinations, Heathrow plays a vital role in connecting Britain, our passengers and the country’s businesses to the world.

Heathrow is a national asset which underpins trade and tourism for every region and nation of the UK. As the UK’s only hub airport, Heathrow is unique in its role of driving economic growth across the country. But operating at 98% capacity for the last decade has constrained growth. Expansion will help Britain keep its place at the heart of the global economy.

The Government’s decision to support expansion at Heathrow as its preferred option, will help deliver new domestic routes and connect more of the country to fast growing export markets around the world. It was a decision to support a truly national infrastructure project that will boost tourism and inward investment across the UK.

Heathrow is now getting on with delivering Britain’s new runway, and building the infrastructure Britain needs to secure its future as an open, outward looking, trading nation. We are proud to be delivering affordable world-class infrastructure for our passengers, for Britain’s businesses, and for the whole of the UK.

What an expanded Heathrow could look like

We are engaging widely on our plans and how we can ensure they provide the best outcomes for all of our stakeholders – including our passengers, airlines, UK businesses and the local community. Wider public consultations are also planned.

While designs for the runway and its associated infrastructure are still being developed, take a look at what an expanded Heathrow could look like with our “It’s time for Heathrow” video.

A new runway at Heathrow is really fantastic news, especially as the country has waited nearly 50 years for this decision. It will create the air links that will do so much to drive jobs and unlock growth across the UK, allowing even more of our innovative, ambitious and internationally focussed firms, from Bristol to Belfast, to take off and break into new markets.

Paul Dreschler, CBI President