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The Vision

The Government’s decision to support expansion at Heathrow was a decision that will help deliver new domestic routes and connect more of the country to fast growing markets around the world.

This will create new opportunities for businesses across the country, boost exports, and help to secure Britain’s future as an open, outward-looking trading nation.

Heathrow is the UK’s only hub airport, the UK’s biggest port by value for trade with countries outside the EU, and a cornerstone of the UK economy. Expansion will give Britain the vital new hub and export capacity it needs to ensure that generations to come can compete in the world. We are building the infrastructure Britain needs to secure
 its future as a trading nation.

For passengers, expansion will deliver world-class facilities, connections to new destinations and more flights. This will create competition and choice, making flying more accessible to people in every nation and region of the UK. The project is privately financed and will be delivered in a way that is affordable for airlines and passengers.

Heathrow expansion is a vital project which is being delivered in the national interest. New infrastructure will deliver a transformational experience for passengers and allow Heathrow to best compete with other EU hub airports.


Within the new Central Terminal Area there would be hotel facilities within minutes of Terminal 2.
Heathrow's Central Terminal Area will undergo a state of the art transformation with new hotels, traffic management and more.
An impression of how part of the Central Terminal Area could look with expansion.
An impression of how the entrance to the new Central Terminal Area would look.