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Why Heathrow?

Expanding the UK’s only hub, extending our global reach and doubling cargo capacity will deliver a significant boost for Britain. It will help equip the UK with the infrastructure the country needs, and help to build a secure economy for future generations.

Why a hub airport is important?

The Government’s decision to support expansion at Heathrow was a decision to expand capacity at the UK’s only hub airport. As the UK’s only hub airport, Heathrow is unique in its role of driving economic growth across the country.

It is the UK’s busiest airport, accounting for nearly 75% of long-haul flights from the UK. It is the UK’s largest port by value for countries beyond the EU and Switzerland, handling 30% of the country’s exports.

Having a thriving hub airport is important for helping Britain to remain competitive in the world. But Heathrow is full, and our competitor hub airports across Europe are continuing to grow.

Operating at 98% capacity has been constraining Britain’s growth for over a decade. Expansion will help the UK maintain its status as an international hub for aviation, and to support Britain in the competition to stay at the heart of the global economy.

National Benefits

Increased access to long haul markets, new domestic air routes and improved surface connections mean that Heathrow expansion will drive growth to every corner of the UK. The Airports Commission found that expansion will create up to 180,000 jobs across the country, and deliver up to £211bn in economic benefits.

This is why over 40 regional Chambers of Commerce and devolved administrations across the UK back Heathrow expansion. It is the same reason why the Airports Commission and the Government support expansion at Heathrow. Our hub operation means we can connect every region and nation of the UK to growth, in a way no other airport can.