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UK Growth and Opportunities

Parliament’s approval of Heathrow’s National Policy Statement promoting expansion was a vote in support of career opportunities, growth, exports, and investments in every corner of the UK today, and for generations to come. In supporting Heathrow, MPs made a historic decision which sends a confident signal to the world that Britain is open for business, helping to secure its future as an outward-looking trading nation. We already support 76,000 jobs at the Airport and are one of the biggest single site employers in the UK.

Heathrow Expansion will deliver for businesses in every nation and region who want new opportunities to trade with new markets around the world. It will deliver for communities who rely on tourism to drive their economies and for young people growing up in the communities around Heathrow. We will deliver for the whole country.

Opportunities During Construction

Sourcing talent from every region
Heathrow expansion is a major infrastructure project that will require skills from right across the country. We are planning four regional logistics hubs to help recruit the talent we need.

Supply chains across Britain
We are dedicated to helping small and medium sized British businesses to grow. Each year, we host Heathrow Business Summits across the UK, to connect local SMEs with our procurement team and suppliers, and providing them with the tools they need to expand.

Learn about more about Supply Chain Hubs

Opportunities Once Operational

Boosting UK trade
Heathrow is already the UK’s largest port by value, handling 33% (by value) of all British exports outside the EU and Switzerland. Expansion will double cargo capacity and deliver dozens of new long haul routes, connecting British businesses to new markets and trading opportunities across the globe. Find out more here.

A legacy of British skills

Heathrow expansion is a unique opportunity to help equip Britain’s future workforce with skills to succeed long into the future. That’s why, under the leadership of former Secretary of State for Education and Employment, Lord David Blunkett, the Heathrow Skills Taskforce was set up in 2017. After an 18-month inquiry bringing together experts across education, local government, unions and the voluntary and private sectors, the Skills Taskforce published its recommendations to Heathrow in September 2018. Read the recommendations report here and our response here.

How Heathrow is getting on with delivering expansion

Our team has been busy developing different options to maximise the benefits of the expansion project.