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How Expansion Benefits Your Area

Heathrow expansion is a national project that will benefit every region

New estimates show that the Heathrow expansion will deliver up to £187bn in economic benefits across the UK by 2050. Businesses across the country will be better connected to new growth markets, while passengers across Britain will enjoy easier journeys into Heathrow, more choice and competition among airlines, and new connections within the UK.

Connecting to the World

Doubling Heathrow’s cargo capacity and adding new long-haul destinations will connect businesses across the country to new markets and trading opportunities across the globe.

Connecting all of Britain

Today, Heathrow supports domestic routes to eight cities across the UK. Our expansion plan will deliver greater domestic connectivity, and we have already started delivering against this:

  • In January 2017, we launched a £10 passenger discount to domestic departing passenger charges, to make domestic routes more affordable.
  • We support the principle of ring-fencing slots at Heathrow post-Brexit and are the first major airport to argue for ring-fencing to support regional route development.
  • And we have committed to bring in a £10m ‘route development fund’ to help establish new domestic connections from Heathrow.

These measures will help connect regions that currently do not have a direct link to Heathrow, as well as improving and protecting the routes to cities that are already served. Domestic routes will allow more businesses across the country, from the smallest SME to the largest exporter, to maximise the opportunities of an expanded Heathrow with increased cargo capacity and new long-haul connections.

Boosting Tourism

An expanded Heathrow doesn’t just benefit exporters, it benefits tourists too. More flights to new destinations across the UK will help boost tourism in every region, and with our £10 passenger discount to domestic passenger charges, it is now more affordable for tourists arriving at Heathrow to visit every corner of the country.

Improved Transport Links

By 2032, public transport journey times to Heathrow will be transformed across the country. New rail investments will enable millions more people to reach the airport through sustainable forms of transport, and dramatically reduce journey times. With these investments, by 2030, the 100 largest towns and cities in the UK will be connected to Heathrow and 70% of Britain’s population are expected to be within three hours of the airport.