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An expanded Heathrow will benefit every region of the country – helping boost manufacturing and tourism from the South West to the North East. That is why businesses, unions, councillors and MPs support Heathrow expansion.

Across England expansion will create up to 78,000 new jobs outside London and the South East (1) and up to £157bn in economic growth to England (2), providing new opportunities to people from every part of the country. A third runway will lead to better connections from England to the rest of the world with up to 40 new long haul routes from Heathrow (3).

This will mean more visitors to England, more destinations for English tourists and more opportunity for English businesses to reach new export markets. Working in partnership with councils, local employers and airports, we will look to provide new opportunities for tourism, export growth and employment across England.

New Domestic Routes

Today, Heathrow supports domestic routes to eight cities across the UK. With expansion, we will deliver new domestic connectivity and connect more of the UK to the benefits of an expanded Heathrow.

  • In January 2017, we launched a £10 passenger discount to domestic departing passenger charges, to make domestic routes more affordable.
  • We support the principle of ring-fencing slots at Heathrow and are the first major airport to argue for ring-fencing to support regional route development.
  • And we have committed to bring in a £10m ‘route development fund’ to help establish new domestic connections from Heathrow.

These measures will help connect regions that currently do not have a direct link to Heathrow, as well as improving and protecting the routes to cities that are already served. For example, Flybe has already said that it is looking at 12 potential new domestic destinations with Heathrow expansion.

New domestic routes will allow more businesses across the country, from the smallest SME to the largest exporter, to maximise the opportunities of an expanded Heathrow with access to increased cargo capacity and new long-haul connections.


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Fast travel to Heathrow (LHA)

See how quick and easy it is  to get to Heathrow from around the UK.

Today 5h 27m
In 2032 2h 02m

By Air

By Bus

Supply Chain Hubs

Delivering Heathrow expansion is a major infrastructure project that will rely on the talent and resources of people and businesses across the country. We have already started the process to create four regional logistics hubs, where materials that will become part of Europe’s largest private infrastructure project will be pre-assembled. This innovative approach will help us find and partner more efficiently with British suppliers, supporting the manufacturing industry and give more SMEs across the country the opportunity to be part of Heathrow’s supply chain.

The logistic hubs will ensure our building programme 
is sustainable and resilient, while leaving a legacy of construction excellence in the country that can be exported all around the world.