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A great city like London needs great connectivity. To ensure London remains at the top of the global cities list, it needs to get its goods and services out into to the world, and bring tourists and investors to our shores – and Heathrow serves as London’s gateway, facilitating trade, inward investment, and opportunity

Heathrow’s commitment to London as we get on with delivering our expansion plan, is that we are building for the future. Building to deliver the trading links London needs, building to create the jobs young people need, and building in a way that will meet and exceed our environmental responsibilities to this great city.

Anticipated Benefits for London from Heathrow Expansion

  • Up to £44bn in economic benefits
  • Creation of up to 38,400 new jobs
  • Londoners will benefit from 10,000 apprenticeships that will be created as we expand
  • Crossrail will link Heathrow to the City of London, Canary Wharf and East London Upgrades to the Piccadilly Line will reduce journey times for tube passengers
  • Potential Southern Rail Access would connect Heathrow to Waterloo, Clapham Junction and the South
  • Opportunity to enlarge Britain’s busiest bus and coach interchange, located at Heathrow’s Central Terminal Area connecting to five motorways

Creating local opportunity
Improved access to Heathrow will allow businesses across the region, from the smallest SME to the largest exporter, to capitalise on Heathrow’s increased cargo capacity and new long-haul connections with more flights and better connections, boosting the local economy and creating jobs in local businesses – in addition to the thousands of construction jobs that will be created at the airport during the runway construction.


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