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North East England

The North East is home to a broad industrial base. Strength in advanced manufacturing is evident from the local presence of globally renowned companies like Nissan, Caterpillar and Siemens. The life sciences sector is growing in prominence, with a number of clusters being supported by the expertise within local universities.

Good connectivity by air, rail, road and sea benefits the regional economy – and the connections are improving. Newcastle International Airport, for example, is expected to almost double its passenger numbers between 2012 and 2030. Another example is the plans to improve road infrastructure, such as the investment being made to upgrade the A1.

The North East’s future growth will benefit from its businesses exploring overseas markets and from overseas investors coming to the region. Both require the international links by air, something that can be supported by Heathrow expansion.

Anticipated Benefits for the North East from Heathrow Expansion

  • Up to £5bn in economic benefits
  • Creation of up to 5,100 new jobs
  • Potential for more frequent domestic flights to regional airports such as Newcastle

North East England

Today 5h 27m
In 2032 2h 02m

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Regional airport support

38 UK airports support Heathrow expansion