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South East England

The South East has one of the best performing regional economies in the UK. It has the highest employment rate of any region, exports the greatest value of goods of any region and attracts the most Foreign Direct Investment projects of any region outside of London.

This strong economic performance is built upon a diverse industrial base, from the digital tech multinationals like Microsoft and Oracle based in Reading, to the world-famous motorsport companies in Oxfordshire and the marine and maritime sector on the Solent.

Having a hub airport nearby boosts the activity that makes the South East an economic powerhouse. Heathrow expansion will support more of the imports, exports and movements of people that South East’s businesses rely on to thrive.

Anticipated Benefits for the South East from Heathrow Expansion

  • Up to £30bn in economic benefits
  • Creation of up to 33,200 new jobs
  • Investments in the proposed Southern Rail Access scheme would connect Heathrow to Waterloo, Clapham Junction and the South East

South East

Today 5h 27m
In 2032 2h 02m

By Air

By Bus

Population within 3 hours

By 2030, 70% of Britain’s population will be within 3 hours of Heathrow