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Expansion Programme – Innovation Partners

We launched the procurement process for Innovation Partners on Heathrow’s Expansion Programme in summer 2018.

The Innovation Partner Programme enabled organisations, both local to Heathrow and from across the UK, to pitch ideas which could help make us the most successful hub airport in the world in a way that is sustainable, affordable and financeable. We initially longlisted 37 potential partners and, following an assessment, invited and worked with 14 companies to pitch to become an Innovation Partner. We have now made our final selection and will be working with our partners to develop their proposals over the coming months.

What is an Innovation Partner?

Innovation Partners bring demonstrable capabilities, knowledge, commitment and innovation capability to implement their proposals at Heathrow Airport. These proposals may include alternative design, engineering or construction approaches for parts of Heathrow’s masterplan for expansion.

Proposals must align with Heathrow’s strategic objectives to improve passenger experience, drive cost efficiency, grow commercial revenues and deliver sustainability targets, as well as with regulatory and planning constraints. They should also align with the Government’s Airports National Policy Statement and support the efficiency of a single integrated hub airport in the interests of consumers (i.e. Heathrow will continue to own and operate the hub airport as a single entity).

Tender process

The first round of the Innovation Partners process is now closed. Further opportunities at Heathrow can be found at: https://procurement.heathrow.com/ by navigating to ‘Current Opportunities’ and completing the registration process. We will update this page with information about future Innovation opportunities.


Interested parties were asked to refer to the following resources to assist with the preparation of their submission: