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Job Opportunities and Apprenticeships

Over 76,000 people work at Heathrow, making it one of the largest single-site workplaces in our country. With expansion, we will deliver up to 180,000 new skilled jobs, in every region and nation in the UK.

Local opportunity

Heathrow expansion is a major opportunity to create a legacy of long-term and skilled career opportunities for local residents.

Expansion will create 5,000 additional airport apprenticeships, bringing the total to 10,000 by 2030, helping young people in the local community develop quality careers, and creating a highly skilled future generation.

Expansion Apprenticeships

Expansion means 10,000 apprenticeships

Supply chain opportunity

We are committed to helping small and medium sized (SME) British businesses benefit from Heathrow expansion.  Every year Heathrow’s annual supplier day conference is a fantastic opportunity for SMEs to meet our procurement team and Tier 1 suppliers. Watch this video below to find out more:


Future opportunity

Expanding Heathrow is a unique opportunity to revolutionise the construction industry and establish Britain as a world leader in the field.

To secure the skills we will need, we have brought together a Skills Taskforce of representatives from schools, colleges, universities, unions, local authorities and the voluntary and private sectors. Under the leadership of Lord Blunkett, the Taskforce will present recommendations to Heathrow in 2018, which will help inform skilled careers for generations to come.

Expansion will deliver up to £187bn in benefits across the nation. This will provide a major boost to Britain’s economy, and to businesses large and small, creating thousands of new job opportunities across sectors, for the long term.

Creating a legacy of skills

Heathrow expansion is a unique opportunity to equip Britain with a legacy of skills for generations to come. Working together with other infrastructure projects, Heathrow has an important role to play to develop the talent needed today, and arm a generation with the skills it needs for future projects.

In January 2017, we set up a Skills Taskforce bringing together representatives from schools, colleges, universities, unions, local authorities and the voluntary and private sectors. Under the leadership of Lord Blunkett, the Skills Taskforce presented recommendations to Heathrow in late 2018 for a clear skills strategy to build and operate an expanded Heathrow.

Its recommendations will help maximise the employment benefits of expansion, ensure opportunities for young people to fulfil their potential, and help Heathrow to become a role model for social mobility and diversity. Our skills strategy will build upon Heathrow’s existing economic development programmes, which have achieved sustained employment for many local residents through Heathrow’s Employment and Skills Academy.

The Skills Taskforce is also sharing best practice in engaging with supply chains to ensure skills are developed across the UK during the third runway’s construction phase, supporting a national legacy for the future. Since the first Skills Taskforce meeting in January 2017, some key discussion points have included:

• How best to educate young people about career pathways, particularly apprenticeships
• The importance of industry learning and development support for teachers
• Building on the successes of the Heathrow Employment & Skills Academy to promote diversity and inclusion across airport operations
• Collaborating with industry to share and learn best practice in addressing skills challenges

For more information on the taskforce, please contact [email protected]


Up to 180,000 jobs created across the UK: Airports Commission: Final Report (Airports Commission, 2015), available online, here.

Expansion will create 5,000 additional apprenticeships, bringing the total to 10,000 by 2030 here.