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Supporting business across the UK

Heathrow has supported business across the UK by working with them directly or through our supply chain

Heathrow has supported business across the UK by working with them through our supply chain, supporting their connections to global growth and helping them put more British goods on shelves around the world. Find out below some of the businesses and what they have to say.


Scanlite is a UK-leading supplier and manufacturer of LED displays, headquartered in Blackpool. Scanlite’s LED screens are seen by 34 million people every year travelling via Heathrow Terminal 5.

Mowi Scotland

‘As Britain’s hub airport, only Heathrow can provide us with the global connections we need to get our salmon to processors, retailers and customers across the world. Expanding Heathrow will help us to boost our current exports and reach new trade opportunities in new markets’ 

Georgina Wright, Head of Sales, Mowi Scotland Ltd.


airBOSS’s specialist plant machinery tyres are manufactured in Britain and exported across the world where they are used in some of the harshest conditions. Air freight is essential to reaching distant clients quickly and Heathrow is the only airport that can deliver the connections they need.

A global product like the airBOSS wheel and tyre system needs a global gateway. Whether travelling on sales visits or shipping freight, Heathrow is a vital and important part of our exporting strategy‘ airBOSS

Torr Scientific

Torr Scientific manufacture Ultra-High Vacuum, Optical and X-ray components used by some of the largest and most well respected centres for scientific research in the world. In 2018 they won a grant as part of Heathrow’s World of Opportunity competition to help fund trade missions to reach new markets and drive further business.

Heathrow’s role as a hub airport has offered Torr Scientific direct access to its business markets around the world via long haul routes not offered by other London airports.

Caption: Torr Scientific laboratory in Bexhill-on-Sea