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Logistics Hubs

Delivering Heathrow expansion is a major infrastructure project that will rely on talent from across the country.

Heathrow expansion is a major national infrastructure project that will require expertise from every part of Britain. Which is why we are locating four logistics hubs – off-site centres for pre-assembly and consolidation – across the country, to help deliver expansion efficiently, sustainably, and to source the skills we need to expand from all across the UK.

Supporting businesses across the UK

We are committed to helping small and medium sized British businesses to grow. Every year, we host Heathrow Business Summits across the UK, connecting local SMEs with our procurement team and suppliers, and providing them with the tools they need to grow on a national and international scale.

Supply chain opportunities

To source the skills and resources we need to expand, we are in the process of planning four regional logistics hubs that will give the opportunity for small and medium-sized businesses across the country to become part of our supply chain.

Our intention is that the logistics hubs will give SMEs from every corner of Britain an opportunity to benefit from our new runway, while leaving a legacy of skills that can be exported to the rest of the world.

Too often in the UK we make large-scale investments in projects that deliver short term results which do not benefit and include the wider population, or the long term needs of the country. There is no more room for lost opportunities. Our national infrastructure projects must go hand-in-hand with learning and training opportunities for the workforce of the future.

Lord Blunkett, Chairman, Heathrow Skills Taskforce

How will our logistics hubs work?

Heathrow will be the first major infrastructure project in the UK to pioneer the large-scale use of logistics hubs – aiming to build as much of the project off-site as possible.

The hubs will work by pre-assembling components off-site before transporting them in consolidated loads to Heathrow just as they are needed. This method will boost the project’s efficiency and cut emissions by transporting components to site in fewer lorries.

Over 100 sites from across Britain applied for the chance to host a hub and upskill their communities with a world-class construction legacy for decades to come.

All applications will be considered by Heathrow and a list of potential sites is expected to be announced later this year.

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