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Logistics Hubs

Delivering Heathrow expansion is a major infrastructure project that will rely on talent from across the country.

Building the third runway- Logistics Hubs

Heathrow expansion is a major national infrastructure project that will require expertise from every part of the UK. Which is why we are locating four Logistics Hubs – off-site centres for pre-assembly and consolidation – across the country, to help deliver expansion efficiently, sustainably, and to source the skills we need to expand from all across the UK.

The expansion of Heathrow airport would be the first major infrastructure project in the UK to pioneer the large-scale use of Logistics Hubs – aiming to build as much of the project off-site as possible. The Logistics Hubs will work by pre-assembling components off-site before transporting them in consolidated loads to site on a just-in-time basis. This method will boost the project’s efficiency and cut emissions by reducing the number of vehicle journeys to site – both in terms of HGVs and the vehicle journeys of colleagues.

In March 2019 Heathrow announced the names and locations of 18 shortlisted sites that remain in the running to help deliver the expanded airport – this is a significant milestone on the path to delivery of expansion.  Heathrow has committed to ensuring that one of the four Logistics Hubs will be located in Scotland.

The shortlisted sites all vary in size, location and age, and include Britain’s largest steelworks firm, a former Michelin Site, which at its peak was one of the company’s main manufacturing plans; Scotland’s largest airport; and one of the main ports in Wales. The sites have been shortlisted as they have showcased a strong base of local support, their area’s thriving supply chain, convenient connectivity links and the potential to tap into a skilled workforce.

The sites have been selected from a longlist of 65, all of which were visited during a nationwide tour which concluded in the summer of 2018.

In November 2019, Heathrow invited the 18 shortlisted sites to formally enter the tender process. The Invitation to Tender is the final stage in the decision-making process, which will see the final four Logistics Hub locations announced next year.

Heathrow’s shortlist of 18 sites


Delivering for the whole of the UK

From the outset, we have been committed to ensuring that Heathrow expansion delivers for every nation and region of the UK.

We know that our off-site Logistics Hubs will be key to this goal, with the creation of thousands of jobs and growth opportunities, both at the Logistics Hubs and within their wider supply chains, as well as the skills and training opportunities legacy that is expected once the runway is built and operational, for the benefit of local businesses and other major infrastructure projects.