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Trade and Export Growth

An expanded Heathrow will help to boost the UK’s trading potential.

Heathrow is already the UK’s largest port by value for global markets outside the EU handling over 30% of the UK’s export goods. If you board a plane at Heathrow, there will be British goods under your seat in the belly hold, ready for exporting.

Expansion will allow us to connect with new, rapidly growing markets across the world. This will provide a vital trading boost for Britain as it prepares to leave the EU.

A new runway will double our cargo capacity. This will create new opportunities for businesses across Britain, both large and small, to trade with the rest of the world. For example, one of the biggest exports travelling through Heathrow is salmon – in 2016 over 35,000 tonnes was exported around the world from our airport, worth £223m to the UK economy.

Heathrow’s largest British exports include jewellery, machinery and medicines, each worth billions of pounds for businesses across Britain.

With 95% of the global economy potentially just one flight away from Heathrow, expansion will deliver the crucial new infrastructure for Britain to secure a strong economy for generations to come.